What It’s Like to Be an Architect?

Architects play a huge role in the design and construction of a building. No matter what the purpose is for a specific structure, the design and its effectiveness can be attributed to the creation of schematics that are made by a typical architect.

You could see them working in architecture companies and some would even go on to work on their own as an independent entity. No matter the case may be, there is no denying how important an architect is.

That being said, what is it like being an architect? Well, it would take a lot of commitment just to become one as you will need to take formal education of the subject. People have this notion that people who want to become an architect are just those that have a desire for creating unique and purposeful designs and those that are just in because it is cool.

No, people do not become an architect for those reasons. If people go in with those intentions, they will easily find that the course is actually much harder than they thought.

You see, when you are studying architecture, you will find that you not only have to think about creating designs via drawing schematics, but you will also need to be acquainted with more advanced mathematics, algebra, and geometry, among many others.

You Work in a Studio

When you are still getting your education, you will typically work in a studio environment. Your professors will also let you work on your own, however, there are some projects that will require you to work with others as well.

I also want to tell you that although being creative and artistic can really help you become an architect, those are actually not mandatory. That is because unless your client would want a completely unique design, you can use protractors, triangles, and other similar tools to help you create a pretty good blueprint that adheres to building codes, zoning bylaws, and other regulations.

How Much Money Does an Architect Make?

Well, that really depends on a number of factors. First, are you going to work in a firm or are you going solo as an independent architect? Two, which clients are you going to work with? There are some that would pay huge money for your services.

If you want to know the average annual wage of an architect, you could earn anywhere from $60,000 up to $80,000. But again, those are just averages and some factors can influence the pricing and the salary that you will receive on a yearly basis.


Just like any other profession, you are required to render some work hours in a real architecture company. That being said, you will send your resumes and hope that some firm will hire you.

Understand that some companies might not pay for your services since they are already giving you an avenue to gain experience, but there are also some that would not only pay you some money, but also give you other incentives as well.

The point of an internship is to have a glimpse of what you’re going to do in the future, supposing that you are already a licensed architect. Sink in everything that your job entails and make sure to listen to your peers to gain some valuable insights that you can use in your work in the future.

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