Keyword Optimization 101

Keyword research, or keyword optimization, is the act of analyzing, researching and choosing the best keywords in order to target qualified traffic from different search engines to a website. It is a crucial first step in the early stages of organic search and paid search engine marketing.

Regularly executing keyword optimization is the key to uncovering new opportunities, and further expanding your reach into multiple keyword verticals. Just in case you need help with keyword optimization for your website, you can check out local SEO services in Malaysia.

The Benefits of Keyword Optimization

  • Write quality, engaging content. By inserting good keywords on your web content, you can instantly connect with potential customers, and then provide their needs.
  • Measure the traffic potential. Analyze keyword popularity to gauge the size of your potential market.
  • Understand the behavior of your users. Understanding user behavior can give you an idea about your customers’ needs.
  • Drive more qualified traffic to your web pages. In order to drive more searchers to your web pages, you should optimize for the same exact keywords they are searching for.

SEO Keyword Optimization

  • Images. Even images must be optimized. Target keywords must be included in the name files and image alt attributes.
  • Meta Description. There are some debates over whether or not putting target keywords on the text snippets can help improve rankings. However, many professionals still believe that inserting keywords in their meta descriptions can generate positive results.
  • URL. See to it that keywords are included in file name slugs.
  • Website Structure. Keyword optimization is crucial to how you organize and structure your website content.
  • Title Tag. Target keywords should be included in title tags. This is an essential piece of web content, both off-page and on-page.
  • Links. Keyword optimization must be integrated in every link building strategy. Breadcrumb links, inbound links, navigational links and internal links must have optimized keywords.
  • Content strategy. In order to get better rankings, and connect with searchers, you should use strong target keywords in your web content.
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