How to Choose the Best Focus Keyword

Adding relevant, quality content to your blog regularly is a great SEO strategy. Google and other search engines see that your web pages are active, and that new information is added. If you implement your keyword strategy well, and your posts are nicely optimized for the best keywords, adding more content would improve your findability. But, how do you select the right focus phrases or keyword?

If you are looking for SEO optimization services in Malaysia for your blogging business, you better work with professionals who can guide you in implementing a good keyword research process. When your target readers search for that phrase, they must be able to find you.

Pick a focus keyword that is utilized in search engines

Keyword strategies give bloggers new ideas. That is the reason why you need to create one. Don’t worry, there are tons of online guides and courses that help you.

In addition to that, there are tons of SEO tools out there that can assist you in getting the right focus keyphrase, depending on your needs. One of the tools you can utilize is Yoast SEO, and its Yoast Suggest Tool. This uses the same exact data and information as Google Suggest. It helps find the first 10 keywords. Then, it expands from there.

For best results, use long-tail search terms.

So, you have already found the perfect long-tail keyword you are aiming to rank for? Put some more extra effort into exploring whether or not there are various searches for that specific phrase of keyword. This is called search volume.

Knowing search volume can be a bit difficult. The only approach to know how often a keyword is used is to own an active AdWords account. Then, you need to bid on your chosen search term. This can be a hard and expensive for most people.

Check blog posts that already rank.

Do you already have blog posts that rank well for great search terms? If yes, you can know how much visitors these kinds of posts attract. You can use Google Trends to compare phrases of much older posts. Just pick the older content that is similar to the post you want to write about.

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