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For Better Sex: Do these 9 Exercises

Benefits of Exercise to sex

In men enhancement, you can strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and give your body a slight outline with a few simple exercises. “The term” Pelvic floor exercises, a certified personal trainer, a Group fitness coach, and founder of Love Sweat Workout, says,” is often used in fitness classes, but most people do not really know what it means. She says: “She can lead to less controlled bladder and bowel movement and a decrease in sexual function if your pelvic floor muscles are weak. Good news: You can work more indoors later on to shoot those muscles outside the bedroom. Such workouts are twofold: you earn a workout and stronger orgasms.

Plié squat

“There are a variety of bar motions that are directed at the pelvic floor if you focus on muscles during execution. You will benefit from healthier, better sex when strengthening your entire body, “says Dunlop. “It is basically your squint and gluteus that this exercise is aimed, but actually your pelvic floor, is even better,” she says. Stand far apart with your hands, pointing feet. Continue to lower your hips as your knees move out with your weight in your heels. Keep the chest and pelvis tucked away as you are sitting low and standing in a squat.

Double leg raise

“Easy to do, to engage your pelvic floor. Only think about what muscles you’re using to stop urine flow. It is basically a Kegel, but it’s paired with more motion, “Dunlop says. “This workout strengthens the lower legs, pelvic floor, and lower back.” Place your thumbs for support under your tailbone. Lift your legs and bend your feet as if you kick into the ceiling your heels. Engage your core slowly down into the floor with your legs. Just less than your abs— but don’t let your lower back lift you off the ground.

Hip Opening Stretch

This hip opening stretch makes it easier to move down and do not cramp, “Dunlop says. This is the hip opening stretch. Start all fours, put your big toes together and start walking your knees slowly down towards the floor. Take your time to relax into these places of stress and pressure. You sink a little deeper every time you exhaust, and the longer you stretch, the better it becomes. Two or three times repeat.

Clam hip lifts

This is a tough step to develop stamina. “Therefore, it works the obliques, inner and outer thighs, and makes you feel very strong and attractive,” says Dunlop. Begin on your side on the floor. Keep your legs and knees bent. On your forearm Lift your hips from the floor and hold the heels together to open your top knee to the ceiling. Slowly down. Slowly down. Continue on the other hand after five reps.

Bear Crawl

“This workout does everything: moving forward and back your knees increases strength, endurance and endurance. It challenges your body to be new, “Dunlop says. Start with all fours, hands stacked under your hips and knees. Press your hands into the ground and pin your toes, then lift your knees and pin two inches away from the ground. Move one arm and the opposite leg forward; then switch to the other side. You’ll rock back and forth on alternating sides.


“Tonnas of sensitive nerve endings are loaded on your lower back. This workout will lead to strengthening the lower back and to increasing the anticipation, “Dunlop says. Place on your back, bend your legs, put your feet on your floor; raise your feet out of the ground to your chest and hug your knees while you contract your heart.

Plank poses

One the best exercises you can do to build endurance and durability on your hands or forearms. “Forearm boards are my favorites, because the core really works,” Dunlop says. Begin with your hands and knees on the floor. Place your forearms paralleling each other, then straighten your legs to your toes and adjust your body to make your head straight. If you want more difficulty, turn between high boards and forearm boards. Make sure that you keep your eyes fixed.


Regular and low lungs not only increase the strength of your lower body but also make it more flexible to move with your partner through different positions. Stand up and relax with your chest. Step forward with a bee and lower your hips to a 90 degree angle of the front leg and the knee of your back bee touches your ground. Be sure to hold your weight and lightly on your back toes in your front heel and not allow your head knee to extend beyond your toes. Go back and repeat to complete a rep on the other side.

Upright pelvic tucks

“Many people make the mistake of popping their booty back, which is less effective before tucking. Lock the muscles of your pelvic floor as you tuck and relax, “Dunlop says. Start with thighs and aligned spine on your knees. Tilt your hips backward into your lower abdominal muscles by tilting your pelvis. Slowly straighten up until you reach your heels. You will improve your form by seeing yourself hidden in the mirror.

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