FDA is Set to Ban Two Stem Cell Clinics

A lot of people are getting stem cell treatments because they are believed to help treat various human conditions. To be honest, stem cells can actually do that, provided that they are safe to use and are approved by the FDA. But, the only stem cell treatment that is actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is bone marrow stem cell transplants and nothing else. That is why if you see stem cell clinics that give you treatments other than the one I’ve mentioned, they are deemed as experimental and may be dangerous to one’s health.

Anyway, the FDA announced that they are going to ban two stem cell clinics for allegedly administering unregulated stem cell transplants. One clinic is located in Florida and the other one is based in California.

Apparently, two former patients were given stem cell treatments (one on each of the stem cell clinics) and after some time, they went blind. They received no more treatments after the one that they got from the clinic, so that could only mean that their blindness was a result of the stem cell therapy that was given to them.

According to FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, he said that cell-based regenerative medicine (such as the use of stem cells) holds a lot of promise and they are indeed purported to heal the human body. But, what we know of the cells so far is still considered as the tip of the iceberg, which means that further tests would have to be done in order to check its potency and safety.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people know of this fact. They just want to be cured from what ails them, which leads some to resort to unconventional means. The two reported cases meant that the stem cell clinics took advantage of the patients just to extract money from them.

The FDA wants to close these stem cell clinics for violating patient safety by administering unapproved treatments. What’s worse was that the aforementioned clinics were already given warning letters back in 2017, but it seems that they were not fazed by it and continually administers unapproved stem cell treatments.

Stern Disagreement

In a statement made by one of the clinic’s medical officer, Kristin Comella, she said that her entire career was always centered in making use of stem cells as a means to cure different ailments by utilizing our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Comella went on to say that the clinic will still continue to operate regardless of the FDA’s summons. This could prove to be interesting indeed.