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Essential Things You Need to Understand in the Mobile App Development Cycle

If you have a business- whether it is a big corporation or a small company- having an app can greatly benefit you. Customers would love to use an app that is streamlined and can give them the services that they need.

But, how does a group of developers create an application? Here are some essential things that you need to understand in the mobile app development cycle.


  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas


The first step in the process is to come up with ideas on what the application is supposed to do. If it is about giving a particular set of services to your consumers, then how will you deliver that?

This is where your team needs to brainstorm ideas. Another way of gaining new ideas and insights is by doing market research. What are your competitors doing? If they are gaining traction, what makes people want to make use of their app and not the others?

Knowing these things are crucial in the app development process and this is something that most developer app  teams usually focus on first.



  • Set Goals and Objectives


After brainstorming some ideas, the next step would be to create a set of goals and objectives. This is where your team will discern what features to include in the app to make it competitive.

This step is a balancing act between what features to include and your overall budget. Obviously, the more functions an app can perform, the costlier and more time-consuming it would be to develop.




  • Wireframing


Creating an application requires a lot of processes and in order for a development team to make sure that it meshes altogether harmoniously, you have to wireframe the project.

The goal here is to create a structure for your team to follow. Usually, a development company has different teams that are assigned to do a particular work such as creating the design to be used for the app, the programming and the actual coding, and so on.



  • Define the Backend


At this point, you have to think about the more technical aspects of the project. Think about API’s, the servers, the integration, and diagrams as some of the components.

You might need to modify your project structure if ever you encounter problems with the backend process of the app development.


  • Actual Development of the App


Now that everything is in place, you now have to perform the actual development of the app. This will tie in together what you’ve planned and done so far. Think about the design, the overall structure, and the functions of your application.

Also, this is the part of the process where you have to post your files in a repository (as most developers do this too) and you have to contact either Apple or Google so that you can publish your app afterward.


  • The Testing Phase


After the initial app is done, it is now time for the fun part- testing. Responsible app developers always test their application before release as there might be some problems that were not present during the development process.

This can take anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days depending on how complex your app is.




  • Release


Successful development teams also have a group of people who will do the market research so that they can come up with the best keywords to use for your application. This is so that you can improve both the SEO and ASO (App Store Optimization) of your app.

Moreover, always market your app so that a lot of people will know about it. Employ marketing strategies and have your marketing team do this. This will include but are not limited to, posting ads on different social and actual media platforms, radio announcements, news and articles, and so much more.


Developing the perfect app requires a lot of preparation, planning, effort, and patience. From coming up with ideas, wireframing everything, and piecing all of it together to make a cohesive product, the app development process is hard but rewarding.

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