9 Keys to Successful Event Planning

Efficient event planning requires plenty of hard work, organization and creativity. Whether you are planning an online event or live in-person interactions, you need to follow a creative and effective program flow. This is crucial if you want to open doors for more business opportunities.

At this day and age, organizing events eat up a big percentage of the yearly marketing budget. Make sure your marketing objectives are on the right track, to gain a beneficial ROI.

1. Implement a strategic plan.

No major planning step must be taken without a strategic plan. Sit down with your sales team, and marketing and management executives. Determine your timelines, goals and KPIs.

2. Conduct proper research.

This is one of the most important jobs of an event project manager. They must know what other occasions are being held in that specific market, and how successful they are. Moreover, they should regularly update themselves of the current industry trends.

3. Start early.

If you want to prevent huge mistakes and other unexpected changes, make sure to start the planning process early. Some occasions are even arranged many years before.

4. Organize the educational track.

Organizing a strong educational track can attract more professional and intelligent attendees. If you want to widen your industry network, incorporating roundtable discussions, customer case studies and panel discussions would be beneficial. Just make sure that the activities match your guests’ profiles.

5. Invite influential speakers.

We all love learning from experienced industry professionals. Invite high-profile keynote speakers. These professionals can set the tone to motivate attendees, and set the tone of your entire event. If your business is launching a new service or product, then a talk by a top sales executive or SEO will help boost the sales revenues.

6. Promote, promote and promote.

Implementing a multi-touch promotional campaign strategy is crucial in attracting more sponsors, exhibitors and attendees. Make sure to utilize the power of email marketing and online advertising to attract more guests.

7. Drive attendance.

You can make the most out of your online marketing strategy, but don’t just wait for people to find your occasion in the digital landscape. Make a list of your target companies, and ask your business development team to start making outbound calls.

8. Have sufficient support team.

You may be the most hardworking and meticulous person in the company, but trust me, you can’t organize a successful event alone. You need to have a motivated team. If you want your guests to have an enjoyable time, you must have a lot of team members to help them out.

9. Mix in social with business.

Amazing entertainment and social events can contribute a lot to the overall success of an occasion. Surely, after an amazing experience, your guests would rave about your event, and look forward to attending your next one.

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