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6 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Website Design Company

1. Do you handle all web development and design work in-house?

Ask your potential web development company how big their team is, and how long have they’ve been working together. Several web design firms have experienced in-house development teams, so you would want to make sure that your project would go to these competent people.

2. Is it possible for you to show me the backend aspect of similar websites you have worked on before?

It’s crucial to know how long they have been deploying the kind of technology they have now. Alongside this, getting a peak at the content management system, and back end part of their previous projects can help you decide if they are the right web development and design company for you.

3. Is your CMS, or content management system technology open source or proprietary?

Know the types of licensing fees involved. There are tons of content management systems available on the digital market, but you would want to settle with an open source one. Open source means that the software is maintained and developed by a reputable web developer community. This can pull down all the web development costs.

4. Can you create a responsive website for me?

Your web pages should work well on tablets and other mobile devices. According to research, more than half of all websites are now being browsed on these gadgets. If your web pages are not mobile ready, you would definitely lose plenty of opportunities.

5. Will this be a flat-based or hourly project? How do you go about the pricing?

Make sure to ask about their payment policy. Some companies offer procedures for billing for additional features, and extra work outside the website project’s initial scope.

6. Can you walk me through the entire web design process?

The entire website design process is critical. As they answer this question, look into signs of quality, consistency and reliability.

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