10 useful tips to grow your ecommerce site

Shopping online has been the preference of a lot of people lately, so small businesses are up and wanting in are on the action. But growing your ecommerce seo site is not a cakewalk. So here are a few tips that can help you streamline your site and increase your sales.

Strategize your content marketing before getting started

Create a strategy for your site where you can make sure that the content you have is relevant to what your target customers are looking for. Think on contents that would appeal to your target audience in bringing a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

This is a common issue to all e-commerce sites. There are number of reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts at the end. A good way to capitalize on this is by sending a “why’d you leave” follow up email. It encourages them to return to your site and push through with purchasing. Another good way to lessen this issue is to test using A/B test. This is to figure out what your customer likes, and what you need to change.

Up-selling and cross-selling

Give your customers plenty of relevant options and suggestions on what might be the best for them when they are purchasing products from you. Educate them on why spending on a more expensive product would benefit to them based on the purpose of that product. This is called Up-selling.

Also, suggest to your customer’s any additional products that they might need in correlated to the item that they are about to purchase. Providing them with relevant choices of items is called cross-selling.


Implement user reviews to your content

Product reviews from your customers is the perfect way to get unbiased content in your page and also adds free exposure. It is a great avenue to connect you to your customers who love your products.

Email marketing should be personalized and unique

Get the attention of your customers by sending then unique and personal emails with relevant, useful information. Offer free content that is interesting and informative to your customers. This can also attract visitors to sign up in your website.

Appreciate customer loyalty

Provide special offers and discounts to the customers who have been loyal to your business. Showing appreciation is a useful way to retain customers and keep them coming back to you.

Scout what the best social media platform for you

Don’t waste your time on ones that don’t really work well for your industry, and focus on the platforms that do. Your presence in these pages goes a long way for your business

Utilize videos to highlight your products.

Using videos is a great way to influence customers to purchase your products. It is easy, simple and engages your customers more.

Your site should be optimized for mobile

People spend more time on their smartphones surfing the net nowadays. So make sure to leverage on this fact by optimizing your website to be available to be viewed through your customer’s phones.

Create meaningful content

Set up a blog or send useful content to your customers through email. By providing them with meaningful content and useful information, you not only distinguish your site from others but also share with your customers something that they can appreciate.



Study and understand the factors that customers would want to see from your site. This is important if you want consistent traffic to your business. These tips will boost your chances to grow your ecommerce business

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