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10 Helpful Tips for a Wedding Reception on a Budget

Weddings bring about beautiful, inspiring and loving moments. However, you can’t hide the fact that it can be huge blow on a couple’s bank account. If you are planning your own wedding anytime soon instead of hiring an experienced wedding event designer, remember that spending too much is not a requirement. There are a lot of awesome alternatives to various expensive wedding matters. Just be creative and patient.

Here are 10 helpful tips to organize your wedding on a budget.

Focus your wedding budget on the most important things.

A wedding budget is the starting point of all the preparations. Make sure that you have a detailed plan even before spending a single penny. Talk to your future spouse about this. You can also ask the opinions of your friends and relatives. Once you gain proper understanding of your budget plan, then it’s time to set your priorities.

Settle for a longer engagement period to look for cheaper rates.

Don’t be in a hurry to set a wedding date and book a venue. Why not settle for an engagement period of a year or two? This time extension can work well with your budget. How? Well, you can book a lot of things ahead of time. There is a bigger chance for more discounts.

Look for awesome and affordable wedding venues.

Strive to look for an affordable wedding venue. Some couples would resort to a backyard and churchyard celebrations. It may sound basic, but with a little creativity and hard work, it can be converted to a fairy-tale like wedding location.

Choose a non-summer wedding date to save more cash.

Plenty of couples schedule their weddings during summer. However, you may want to consider throwing yours during the winter. Why? Well, by doing so, you will be able to save more money. Remember, if you set a summer schedule, venues would be more expensive, since more people would be on vacation.

Invite only the people closest to you and your fiancé.

A wedding guest list can grow in a fast rate, and this can hurt your wedding budget. More guests mean more tables, more drinks and food. As much as possible, limit your guest list. Decide on a number, and try your best to stick to that goal.

Serve non-traditional wedding meals.

Do you have relatives and friends who are fantastic cooks? If yes, then you can ask for their help and serve homemade food on your wedding. Another good idea to cut down the costs is to limit your open bar.

Prepare recorded music and speakers instead of live performances.

A DJ performance is probably the least important aspect of your wedding. There really is no need to hire an experienced professional. A speaker, Spotify or downloaded music will definitely do the trick. Talk to your fiancé, and do your playlists together.

Limit all the floral arrangements.

Flowers are indeed a crucial aspect of every traditional wedding celebration. However, a minimalist design is also fashionable. You might want to consider something more basic, such as paper flowers? If you don’t have the time to make DIY flower bouquets, just settle with smaller and cheaper flowers.

Skip the services of an experienced photographer.

Instead of hiring an experienced and reputable photographer, ask your cousins or friends to take care of the photos. By depending on the talents of the people close to you, you will be able to save tons of cash. Not only that, you are also giving them the opportunity to gain more experience.

Put up a photo booth for the guests to enjoy.

If you want your wedding guests to enjoy the occasion, set up a photo booth. There is no better way to capture your beautiful occasion. Remember, this event is not just for you and your fiancé, it is also for the wedding attendees. It’s all about creating wonderful memories.

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